Collection: Teaching Practice Course

Personal Statement

The aim of the personal statement was to help me to reflect on aspects related to teaching in general and to think about questions that may be important at the beginning of my teacher education.


Experiences of being taught (positive and negative)


  • Many teachers influenced me during my student years. The aspects they shared, that made them such beloved teachers and role-models, were mostly concerned with their intellectual level and communication skills. Knowledge is not the everything when it comes to teaching.

  • The ability to communicate and pass that knowledge on in a way that makes the students passionate about the subject matter is a talent that is scarce in the educational system.

  • Lastly, open dialogue and zero judgement on the part of the teacher alongside a zero-tolerance for discrimination and mistreatment are incredibly important in any classroom.


  • Not everyone can be a teacher. It is obvious, many-a-time, that some teachers are not able to manage a class. I still remember countless classes in school that went by without any actual teaching/learning because the teacher was unable to control the students in a respectful way.

  • Many were either extremely harsh, basically managing us through fear, or others were just disinterested in what was going on in-class. Teaching, as job, can be monotonous sometimes, but it is the teachers responsibility to change that and create an environment that is enjoyable and facilitates learning rather than just “doing a job”.

Aspects of teaching I am most looking forward to

I believe that teaching, when done correctly of course, can be one of the most rewarding professions. My most anticipated aspect of teaching is the dialogue that inevitably comes up in class. The ability to shape minds is an incomparable responsibility while, at the same time, a very big honor.

Aspects of teaching I am least looking forward to

I am least enthusiastic about the aspect of class management. Every teacher tries to be close to their students and have a positive rapport with them. Nevertheless, students are still children and teenagers, which means that in order to gain their respect and to discipline them one needs to find ways of doing so without compromising the students’ self-esteem or psyche, something that requires skill and experience.

What I expect most from my teacher education

I mostly expect to learn how to transfer knowledge to students, manage the classroom and use level-appropriate material and knowledge.

What I want most from my teacher education

I want to implement everything I’ve learned from my theoretical courses thus far and learn how to manage a classroom while teaching the lesson I prepared with realistic objectives concerning the learning process.

What I think my teacher educators expect from me

I believe they expect for me to take initiative in order to prove, not only, my abiity as a teacher, but also my wilingness to adapt and take charge of any situation that might occur.

Skills of a language teacher

 Not important 1 to very important 5

Skill 1 2 3 4 5
Cooperating with others          x
Good organisational skills          x
Being able to explain grammar          x
 Positive Outlook        x  
 Knowledge of new technologies        x  
 Communication skills          x

 Personal reseach on advancements in their field